Arm & Hammer Double Duty Complete Clumping Litter, 40 lbs.

Arm & Hammer Double Duty Complete Clumping Litter, 40 lbs.

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Arm & Hammer Double Duty Complete Clumping Litter eliminates both types of odors for advanced odor control. Its breakthrough cat litter formula destroys urine and feces odors on contact and helps keep your home smelling fresh and clean with a fresh scent. Arm & Hammer cat litter is made with odor absorbing clay and Arm & Hammer baking soda in every scoop to neutralize litter box odor. Rock-solid clumps let you remove the source of odors easily and fresh scent refreshed litter every time your cat uses the kitty litter box. And that’s why an odor-free home starts with Arm & Hammer clumping cat litter. Plus, with low tracking and 99% dust-free formula pour Arm & Hammer kitty litter with confidence.

This product has 20% more odor eliminators than its nationally sold counterpart.

Instructions for use: 1. Fill litter box with at least 3" of Arm & Hammer kitty litter. 2. Scoop out clumps and solid waste daily and dispose of kitty litter in the trash. Refill box as needed. 3. Do not flush or put cat litter into drains. Put the used cat litter into the trash.

Product Features:

  • Clumping cat litter
  • Double duty complete cat litter destroys urine and feces odors instantly
  • Odor control with Powerful moisture-activated baking soda crystals eliminates odors on contact
  • The double duty complete formula is 99% dust free and low tracking
  • Fresh scent refreshes litter every time your cat uses the litter box
  • Kitty litter featuring an easy pour and no-spill spout for less mess
  • Includes 40 lbs. Arm & Hammer double duty complete clumping litter


    Moisture-activated Micro-granules, Baking Soda

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

    Please Wash Hands Thoroughly After Handling Used Cat Litter. We Want to Remind Pregnant Women and Those With Suppressed Immune Systems That a Parasite Sometimes Found in Cat Feces Can Cause Toxoplasmosis

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